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Are Your Capture Systems Slowing You Down?

When it comes to facing up to global competition, or simply delivering great customer service, the speed at which you can process information is critical. The sooner an order form or contract gets processed the quicker your products and services will be making your customers happy and bringing in revenue. If a grant or housing application form is just sitting in a pile of paper waiting to be scanned by an off-site scanning bureau, then the applicant is just left killing time waiting for a potentially life-changing decision.

Despite the incredible pace of technological change over recent decades paper forms and documents are still a significant part of many organisations day-to-day business processes. This incurs all kinds of direct and indirect costs to the business as well as slowing down your processes and introducing unnecessary risks. So why isnt your IT department rushing to implement solutions to efficiently digitise the paper within the business to free up the flow of information? Well, its probably a question of focus. With big changes in the IT landscape brought about by Cloud, Mobile and Social, there has never been a more challenging time businesses or IT strategists to confidently decide how best to invest.

Whilst the CTO and CIO understandably worry about the big picture future technology direction of the business one immediate, tactical change that your organisation can make right now is to invest in proven technologies that will enable the capture an digitisation of documents either at the point of entry, via Digital Mail Room technology, or as the document arrives in the hands of a knowledge worker using distributed captures solutions.

The Paper River Digital Mail Room and Distributed Capture solutions are highly productive and provide a very rapid ROI, ensuring that paper documents arrive within minutes in the right place in your corporate document or CRM systems such as, SharePoint, HP Records Manager. The Paper River FlowMatrix technology also provides a platform for business process automation workflows, smart OCR, document classification, universal forms and data capture and advanced output management solutions.


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