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How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

How good a picture do you have of your customers? Are they using your product or service right now? Are they a happy customer that is going to come back for more? What feature enhancements do they want to see? It’s not always easy to get close to the customer or find out what they are really thinking, and balancing the customer service experience against the challenge to drive down prices is a perennial problem.

If your organisation’s current systems and processes are disjointed and slow you will only ever have a very fragmented picture of your customers at best. What is worse is that your customer will be all too aware of the fact. When your customer rings in to query something on an order they placed yesterday and the person they speak with has no visibility of the order because its stuck in another system or worse on a piece of paper somewhere, then your customer has a good right to feel annoyed. Let alone having a full picture of them as a customer as an individual, your customer ends up feeling like less than a number in your order processing system!

There are many organisational factors and technology considerations involved if you want to get closer to your customer to understand them and serve them better – but one often overlooked factor is the latency that exists in your business processes. If your processes are slow or disjointed you will never have a coherent up-to-minute picture of your customer and inevitably you will often leave them feeling a little bit frustrated.

Fortunately, eliminating latency is one unsung benefits which comes from implementing your business processes on and technology platform like FlowMatrix. People often talk about the speed and efficiency improvements derived from process automation – but removing latency i.e. the time it takes for the next action or task in a process can begin is often more important to the big picture. If you improve your business processes and strive to eliminate the latency you will automatically be improving your customers’ experience whilst actually driving costs down at the same time.


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