"...remove the connectivity gaps to unleash the power of your IT investments."

Power Up The Enterprise

The IT infrastructure within medium and large organisations is often fragmented landscape. An assortment of database, line-of-business and document management systems exist in relative disharmony. The systems tend to exist within their own department or functional silo and have been developed without much thought or regard given to the overall context or technology and information environment. Historically, integrations between the various software systems has been an expensive and unrewarding task – which often results in a fragile, brittle solution resembling the software equivalent of a “Heath Robinson” mechanism.

The result is an Enterprise that is not firing on all cylinders with disconnected or poorly integrated systems. The maintenance overhead and cost of operation is very high, and importantly the business is not achieving the hoped-for returns on investment on their large IT systems investments. All this is against a back drop of customers expecting high quality experience and customer service across a range channels – web, mobile, social media etc.

What if the Enterprise could get all its disparate IT systems to work together in harmony? What if there was a powerful and scalable workflow platform that could enable rapid development of fully or partially automated business processes on top of your existing infrastructure? A single platform that spans all your communication channels and provides full control, visibility and audit over every aspect of data and documents entering and leaving the business? This is the vision behind the FlowMatrix technology platform – a cross between the ultimate technology glue and a rapid solution development platform. Our customers trust and rely on us to implement end-to-end mission critical business workflow solutions that fully integrate with their existing infrastructure, whether this is processing voting sheets at the heart of government or facilitating the rapid turn-around of high value legal documents, to simply accelerating the accounts payable process.

When your systems work seamlessly together in a co-ordinated business workflow on the FlowMatrix platform – it is like the moment when an orchestra stops tuning up and strikes the first chord in full harmony. The results are more than impressive, the whole Enterprise powers up!


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