On-site Back Scanning Solutions for Important Documents

Many organisations have a pressing need to scan their paper archives in order to reduce or eliminate physical storage costs and to make the documents readily accessible when needed in an electronic form. Not all organisations however can make use of the commodity bulk scanning services for a variety of reasons, such as legal issues, privacy, commercial importance or the complexity of the document filing issues.

Paper River provides on-site back-scanning solutions as a service for customers with sensitive, important or complex documents. The solution can be scaled to be able to handle your workload within your desired timescales. The solution can also be provided on a lease basis for a fixed fee which depends on the volume and complexity of documents you need to scan. This is ideal for managing departmental back-scanning at the time intervals that suit you.


"...comprehensive, powerful and cost effective archive scanning solution for documents that can't leave the premises."


Simplifying and Organising Document Content

All our back scanning projects are a little unique by their very nature, so we start each project with a fixed-scope consultancy stage to determine the key requirements and parameters of the project:

  • The volume of documents to be scanned
  • The physical condition of the documents and other factors, such as staples, labels or post-it notes stuck to the documents.
  • The scanning fidelity level requirements - e.g. colour scanning to retain highlight marking on documents, margin notes, labels etc.
  • Determination of physical constraints - arising from the documents, or the available location to perform the scanning
  • Clarification of any security or confidentiality issues and appropriate handling
  • Classification of document types
  • Schema mapping and metadata requirements
  • Analysis of potential for automation of metadata extraction and automated filing by using the FlowMatrix smart OCR and document analysis technologies.
  • Calculation of resource requirements - system capacity, knowledge worker input and scanning operator resource.

The consultancy outcome is a project design that enables definitive costing of the project as well as providing the implementation and execution details.

Integration to Electronic Document Archive Storage

Most back scanning projects usually result in the resulting electronic documents needing to be stored within a designated archive system - whether a structured folder store, document management system or fully fledged EDRMS. The solution we deploy is built on the FlowMatrix technology platform which can integrate with practically any electronic document repository system - including SharePoint, OpenText, and HP Records Manager amongst a wide range of other systems. The solution is also capable of producing fully standards compliant, text searchable PDF/A archive documents, as well as the usual TIF images. The advanced integration and workflow capabilities of the FlowMatrix platform mean that the scanning operation results in the electronic versions ending up in exactly the right place within your archive repository system and with the correct associated metadata required for searching, retrieval and retention policies.

Key Benefits

  • » We design the capture and submission workflows

  • » Client can provide experienced knowledge workers to process the scans

  • » Job collaboration means QA checking of each other's scanning

  • » Options to rent all hardware and software on project basis

  • » Full metadata extraction and mapping

  • » Full OCR conversion to searchable PDF, PDF/A and Office formats

  • » Batch processing for case entire folders or repeat document formats