FlowMatrix CPS Client Productivity Suite

Digital Mail Room

The concept of the "Paperless Office" has been around since the early 1960s and yet a typical organisation is still dealing with hundreds of thousands of items of paper correspondence every year.

The FlowMatrix Client Productivity Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that information workers can be on the desktop to participate efficiently and prodcutively in document processing tasks such as QA, validation, indexing, routing, approval, redaction, correction and exception handling.

The range of client applications includes:

  • FlowMatrix CPS QuickDrop client application - for quick indexing and routing of ad-hoc documents. The product also features worksharing, document forwarding, document tracking and self-templated document types with zonal OCR data extraction.
  • FlowMatrix CPS Mail Room client application - the Mail Room client application for scanning, image clean up, batch handling, QA, indexing and routing documents from the mail room environment.
  • FlowMatrix CPS Redaction client - an easy-to-easy tool for redacting scanned documents or documents retrieved from EDRMS for FOI requests, confidentiality or legal disclosure.
  • FlowMatrix CPS Invoice Processing client - the one stop correction, validation and exception handling tool for use with the Invoice Processing solution. It features a clear narrative on the problems with the invoice, supplier look up, colour-coded field status, image close up, Click2Field data extraction as well as stats and tracking tools.

"...a powerful platform for meeting a wide-range of our capture and automation business needs."

Digital Mail Room







Smarter Business Processes

The solution is built on the core FlowMatrix technology platform, which means it integrates seamlessly with all our solution modules, such as forms processing and invoice processing as well as bespoke business process automation capabilities.

FlowMatrix allows companies and organisations to optimise the management of information through efficient, secure and audited business process automation. FlowMatrix connects MFP devices, mailroom scanners, client desktops and core business applications through a highly powerful rules-based delivery engine and client collaboration tools.

By converting documents into electronic file format and ensuring these documents get to where they are needed, quicker, means the whole pace of your business processes can improve significantly. It is not unusual for customers implementing our technology to see improvements from up to a whole week shaved off their manual paper-based processes.

For more information about how our mail room technology dove-tails with our distributed capture technology tp provide "balanced capture" for the enterprise, click here.


Key Benefits

  • » ScanPort Touch Screen Batch Import and QA Station

  • » Comprehsive QuickDrop MailRoom Client with Advanced Workflow

  • » Self-Service Automation Templating for Document Types

  • » OCR, Indexing, Categorisation,Redaction, Forms and Auto-indexing