FlowMatrix Solutions

Capture Workflow Platform For Process Automation

"...a powerful platform for meeting a wide-range of our capture and automation business needs."

Total Solutions - Efficiency, Process Acceleration and Cost Reduction

Our solutions are built on the powerful FlowMatrix technology platform, which means they are enterprise scalable solutions for document and data capture, processing, automation and integration with a wide range of EDRMS, line-of-business systems and corporate data repositories.

Our customers use our technology to enhance the core service delivery infrastructure - enabling an acceleration document flow, data extraction and business processes throughout their organisations. This translates to real and immediate cost savings, increased capacity and efficiency.

The power and flexibility of the FlowMatrix platform means that solutions can be cost-effectively tailored to meet the customer's exact needs - so why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution?


Digital Mail Room

Paper River's Digital Mail Room technology provides the solution for rapidly and efficiently capturing paper documents and converting them into electronic files for internal distribution and routing into departmental EDRMS or business applications.


Distributed Capture

Paper River's distributed capture solutions make it as easy as possible for all the staff in your organisation to rapidly convert paper documents into electronic formats delivered direct to their business application or document management system.

We have solutions for Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp, and Xerox multifunction devices, as well as solutions for the Nuance eCopy platform.


Mobile Apps

Paper River supplies a variety of mobile applications for tablets and smart phones providing a wireless information acquisition and submission solution for field and mobile workers. The FlowMatrix Mobile Apps facilitate field based document scanning, photo scanning and electronic document acquisition supported by easy-to-use intuitive applications.


Invoice Processing

The Paper River Invoice Processing solution saves on time, money and effort by automatically extracting data from your Accounts Payable Invoices. Invoices can be handled from practically any source - whether scanned paper invoices, PDF, Word or Excel files retrieved by email, EDI or XML data files or images from inbound LAN-fax.


Universal Forms & Data Capture

Paper and Electronic Forms are amongst the more valuable and/or more important documents an organisation has to process. However, the cost of manually extracting the data from the forms into business applications can often be uncomfortably high. Our universal forms and data capture solution supports multiple communication channels and handles the heavy lifting of data extraction and processing.


Output Gateway

Paper River has developed the ultimate solution for total information lifecycle management with the introduction of the FlowMatrix Output Gateway. One of the greatest challenges facing organisations today is how to manage information leaving the business in the most secure and efficient way and make it really easy to reacquire that information.


Document Process Automation

Paper River's FlowMatrix technology platform is a powerful and scalable platform which enables businesses to automate and accelerate business workflows in order to save costs and increase efficiency. Paper River can also provide the consultancy services you might need to analyse your process and automation requirements and to implement highly functional solutions.