Virtual Binders

Knowledge workers and case workers face a daily challenge of collating and organising ever growing volumes of information in a wide variety of original formats. Document and content management solutions only address part of the problem - storage and retrieval - they don't provide easy and intuitive ways of working with large sets of documents.

Virtual Binders are a new way of working with collections of electronic files, media and other content. The Binder concept is based on the simplicity of working with physical binders of documents - but updated for working with electronic files and media on tablets, laptops and PCs.


"...watching people using Binder is rather like giving someone an iPad for the first time, they instinctively know what to do."


Simplifying and Organising Document Content

Binders provide case workers - such as lawyers, care workers and loss adjusters - with the ability to view all the relevant case information in one place. Content is organised into tabbed sections and easily browsed in a variety of ways, from flicking through the pages, jumping to different sections or clicking on a link in the pop-out index panel.

Binders are also used by teachers, trainers, and sales people to conveniently store, organise and present collated information - whether that's curriculum resources, training materials or product catalogues and demonstration videos.

A Painless Transition from Paper to Digital

For those professions that have historically clung to their physical binders and paper content, often for good reasons such as convenience and ease of use - the binder presents nothing less than a simple, yet revolutionary step forward in work habits and collaboration possibilities. The binder is conceptually identical to a physical binder and can be used with practically zero IT training or skills. This means that the final barrier to "going digital" is now no barrier at all. Knowledge works are still able to work with binders of documents with the same ease and simplicity - but these binders are now electronic, portable and accessible and sharable using corporate bookstores.

Creation, Distribution and Collaboration

Paper River provides tools and solutions to enable organisations to create binders from original and new content. We also provide a corporate bookshelf solution, which handles the distribution binders within your company or organisation. The bookshelf can be organised by department, topic or function with controlled security permissions to manage who can access what. The Paper River solution enables remote workers to browse and download binders to their iPad, Android or Windows device over a secure internet connection.

The creation of binders using content from a document or records management (EDRMS) can be automated using the powerful FlowMatrix Business Process Server to check out and update binder builds on a regular basis - for example, hourly builds for live legal cases, or preemptive builds the night before a site visit or inspection. With binders potentially being updated all the time, Paper River also provides a "live sync" capability to notify and deliver updates to binders over the internet, so you are always up-to-date with the latest versions and content.


Key Benefits

  • » Create Virtual Binders to store information

  • » Embed PDF files, Office document and even video files

  • » Virtual book shelf to store libraries of binders

  • » Very intuitive interface with realistic flick and page folding

  • » Share binders to collaborate information

  • » Perfect for customer searchable product catalogues