Distributed Capture

Leverage the Power of Your Multi-Function Devices to Digitise Documents

Every office or department, no matter how good their IT set up, needs to deal with ad-hoc paper documents from time to time - and in some cases, a lot of the time. Paper River's distributed capture solutions make it as easy as possible for all the staff in your organisation to rapidly convert paper documents into electronic formats delivered direct to their business application or document management system. Why wait to get your document scanned when you want to start working with it right now?

Our technology leverages the investment in existing office equipment such as MFDs (multi-function devices or networked photocopiers) which have a built-in scanning capability. Our software turns the MFD into an intuitive document capture portal for all your ad-hoc documents. The user walks up, identifies themselves and can then either one-touch scan for indexing and filing at their desktop or directly scan, profile and route the document from the device with live look-ups into back-end systems.


"...the most powerful feature of any multi-function device is its ability to intelligently digitise paper documents."


Departmental Capture at Your Fingertips

All modern MFD devices have highly customisable interfaces, which when combined with a good connector and their very capable ADF scanners provide a valuable platform to leverage for information capture. Distributed capture is invaluable for ad-hoc content creation with many OCR options including searchable PDF.

Our FlowMatrix MFD and Networking Scanning Connectors allow departments to scan information into content and records management systems with full OCR to various formats including PDF and MS Office standards. Our connectors are incredibly easy and intuitive to use. A user can authenticate at any enabled MFD device using their proximity, swipe or active directory logon and FlowMatrix will provide dynamic personalised functionality and access to the user based on their user or group status within the organisation.

The MFD touch screen allows the user to easily navigate to a system folder or workflow and submit a document with full metadata profiling when needed. Our whole design philosophy is based around a 'minimum-click' ethos. Our Distributed Capture Connectors require the minimal number of human clicks and decisions to digitise a document and get it to the right location in the right way.

We also have client tools such as FlowMatrix QuickDrop that allow you to scan first and profile at your desktop. QuickDrop also allows you to submit a document against e pre-configure workflow eTicket or synchronise capture straight back to a tablet Mobile App using our OneClick technology. Our Mobil Apps allow an MFD interface to run on your very own tablet device. We have solutions for Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox multi-function devices, as well as solutions and connectors for the Nuance eCopy platform.

Front Desk Scanning and Receipting

A key business requirement for many organisations which have face-to-face contact with their customers is the ability to scan customer documents at the point of contact and potentially provide a receipt for the transaction.

Paper River provides a flexible and powerful front desk scanning and receipting solution for "One Stop Shops" and Customer Service Centres. The solution allows for some key data to be entered about the customer and document, and for a receipt to be printed out with tracking reference codes where relevant. The document can then be scanned immediately or at a later time depending on convenience and the specific scenario relating to the type of document.

This solution is built on the FlowMatrix QuickDrop client application, optimised for use in a busy customer facing situation, and integrates fully and seamlessly with all the other products and solutions within the FlowMatrix technology platform.


Key Benefits

  • » Utilise MFDs to Capture & Digitise Documents

  • » OCR to Many Formats Including Searchable PDF and Office

  • » Full Metadata Profiling at the Device

  • » FlowMatrix OneClick Technology to Run the MFD Interface from your Tablet

  • » Solutions for Dedicated Network and Hybrid Network Scanners

  • » Solutions for Cloud, EDRMs and Content Systems

Key Features

  • » Supports Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox

  • » Connectors Also Built for Nuance eCopy Platform

  • » Options to Scan First then Profile at QuickDrop Desktop

  • » Integrate with over 30 Different Systems (see our brochures page)