Is It Time For Your Documents To Move To A New Home?

The landscape of IT systems is changing every day and the way businesses work is also changing. The workforce needs to be able to access and work with documents using up-to-date technologies that enable them to work most effectively. Physical storage and legacy IT systems may have reached the end of their useful life or are no longer suitable for the way the business needs to work. As a result, many organisations find themselves having to change the location and nature of their document archives. This might be a simple as carrying out a back scanning project to capture legacy paper - but it is just as likely to be a migration from one IT system to another, and more than likely into Cloud Systems. Paper River undertakes structured document migration projects as a solution and service for our customers to save the time, cost and headaches of having to work it all out from scratch.


"...systematic approach to document and data migration that leverages a powerful technology platform to provide full control over the migration and even can even add value to the documents in the process."


Our Approach

The FlowMatrix Document Migration solution consists of both consultancy and technology provided at a fixed, unambiguous price which depends on the volume and complexity of the migration. The first phase is the consultative project analysis, which is both quantitative and qualitative in its methods.

We work with you to determine:

  1. The state, type, nature and location of current documents (electronic or physical)
  2. The current document classification and metadata
  3. The volume of documents for migration
  4. The image and content processing and/or re-purposing requirements
  5. The mapping between old and new repository structures and metadata schema
  6. Defining the exception handling strategy for anomalies, corrupted files or missing data
  7. Defining any value enhancements such as on-the-fly metadata enhancement
  8. Defining the success validation criteria
  9. The human resource requirements (if any) to fulfil the migration

This work leads to a migration plan and design which is implemented using the FlowMatrix technology platform. The FlowMatrix software components and even additional equipment, such as production scanners, can be leased for the duration of the project if the organisation is not already using a FlowMatrix system for its existing business processes or workflows.

Migration Tools and a Workflow Platform

Paper River has developed a range of tools for examining existing electronic archives and database systems, which are all built on the core FlowMatrix workflow platform. These tools enable a precise and detailed analysis of the documents and data in the existing repositories. The tools are used to support and verify the migration analysis. The migration design - the mappings, the business logic and rules, the transforms and the exception handling - is implemented as a workflow on the FlowMatrix platform. The rich eco-system of extender plugins to the platform means that this workflow is fully integrated with all the systems in your environment to enable the extraction of documents from the legacy systems, and processing or transformation and routing of the documents into the new repository.

The migration plan can be tested and performance measured to be able to reliably predict real processing times for the migration. The testing also allows the mapping and business rules to be sanity checked ahead of the full migration. Every document migrated creates a detailed audit trail and any exceptions are fully handled within the process using the advanced and customisable exception handling client applications. This provides full control and visibility over the entire migration process - eliminating risks and providing certainty of outcomes.

Also see our section on FlowMatrix Back Scanning for more detailed information on hard-copy legacy document capture.


Key Benefits

  • » Full project management of the migration process

  • » Options to temporarily rent all software and hardware

  • » We can build and supply the migration workflows

  • » Migrate paper to on-premise content or EDRMS system

  • » Migrate paper to off-premise Cloud system

  • » Migrate between on-premise content or EDRMS systems

  • » Migrate on-premise content or EDRMS systems to Cloud