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Paper River actively partners with a variety of reseller organisations.

These fall into several categories:

  • Basic Resellers - such as an office equipment concessionnaire
  • Value Added Resellers - organisations that have invested time in developing an understanding and degree of expertise in designing and deployment FlowMatrix solutions.
  • Systems Integrators - specialist service companies that focus on building customer solutions around a cluster of technology products in which they have great expertise (for example SharePoint or OpenText integrators)
  • Software Vendors - some software vendors price-book our solutions as valuable additions to their core product offerings.
  • Office Equipment Manufacturers and Managed Service Providers - we have arrangements with many of the main Office Equipment Manufacturers as well as the larger, independent managed services providers to be able to resell our solutions under their existing contractual frameworks.
Partner with us today to enhance and future-proof your solution offering, unlock new revenue streams and for the total peace of mind that comes with best of breed software!



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