What is FlowMatrix?

Capture Workflow Platform For Process Automation

"...a powerful platform for meeting a wide-range of our capture and automation business needs."

The FlowMatrix Business Process Automation Platform

FlowMatrix is a technology platform that provides enterprise scalable solutions for document and data capture, processing, automation and integration with a wide range of EDRMS, line-of-business systems and corporate data repositories.

Our customers use our technology as part of their core service delivery infrastructure - enabling an accelerating document flow, data extraction and business processes through their organisations. FlowMatrix technology lets you do more for less!

With information entering your organisation in so many forms and from so many sources, it is a real challenge to co-ordinate the delivery of documents and the data they contain to where they need to be in a timely and cost-effective manner.


FlowMatrix Server BPS

The FlowMatrix Business Process Server is the powerhouse server product that will get documents moving and processes automated within your organisation. By linking with other data systems in your environment you can finally "join up the dots" to maximise the investment in your existing IT systems infrastructure and reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.


FlowMatrix CPS Client Productivity Suite

The FlowMatrix Client Productivity Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that information workers can be on the desktop to participate efficiently and productively in document processing tasks such as QA, validation, indexing, routing, approval, redaction, correction and exception handling.


FlowMatrix PME Print Management Engine

FlowMatrix Print Management Engine is a FlowMatrix solution module which gives your organisation better and more intelligent control over the organisation's day-to-day printing behaviours for cost saving, auditing and enhanced data security.


FlowMatrix IME Invoice Management Engine

The FlowMatrix Invoice Management Engine is the FlowMatrix solution module at the core of our Invoice Process Automation solution. The engine is able to automatically and intelligently extract the essential data from invoices which have been captured or supplied in electronic format - typically from scanned paper invoices, PDFs, Word document, Excel documents, EDI or XML data files.


FlowMatrix FME Forms Management Engine

The FlowMatrix Forms Management Engine is the FlowMatrix solution module underlying our forms processing solutions. It leverages smart OCR, forms recognition and advanced text parsing technology to automatically extract the data from structured and semi-structured forms.