Mobile Apps - The Tablet and Smart Phone Solution

Paper River now supply a variety of mobile applications for tablets and smart phones providing a wireless information acquisition and submission solution for field and mobile workers. The FlowMatrix Mobile Apps facilitate field based document scanning, photo scanning and electronic document acquisition supported by easy-to-use intuitive applications. These applications support the building of case files and project files for many industries such as insurance loss adjusters, planning inspectors, lawyers and health organisations with the minimum amount of human effort and profiling. Users can work online or offline or directly with applications in the Cloud to collect and submit information from remote offices and locations. Our Mobile Apps also now support a revolutionary new feature called OneClick allowing paper documents to be profiled directly on a tablet and synchronised with a one-click capture at a multi-function device providing a truly portable MFD interface to capture documents into many LOB applications and workflows.


"...efficiently capture and manage information for mobile workers from any location."


The Freedom to Work in or Out of the Office with One Device

The FlowMatrix Mobile Apps support two main propositions. Firstly the ability to freely roam anywhere in the field and still be able to acquire information with wireless portable scanners, in-built mobile device cameras and the ability to add and append documents into project files received electronically or held in the device. Secondly to be able to use a mobile device as a portable profiling tool back at the office for submission of documents or projects into content systems whilst using the mobile device as a portable multi-function device screen. This alleviates the need for complicated application integrations directly on an MFD. Now users can use a table as a portable MFD control panel and synchronise a one-click capture process at the MFD with into their live tablet session.

Case and Project Working Has Never Been Easier

Our Mobile Apps have been built to support Apple, Android and Windows based devices using highly intuitive and simple to use interfaces backed-up by comprehensive job-building and workflow capabilities. A user can easily aggregate information from a number of paper, electronic forms and electronic sources and use a case or project reference to automatically name all documents or photos in a bundle with automatic incremental numbering for multiple document types. GPS location tagging can be captured as a document attribute or even used in file naming too.

The applications allow a user to work offline in a 'briefcase mode'. A mobile user can for instance, download a filtered set of documents for a project file onto their tablet, add further documents in the field and then synchronise all updates when connected back at the office or possibly submitting into a Cloud-based solution.



Key Benefits

  • » Available for Apple, Android and Windows Tablet & Smart Phones.

  • » Case/Project Information Bundling & Management

  • » Work Offline, Online or into the Cloud

  • » Umbrella Profiling for Information Bundles

  • » GPS Tagging for Case and Project Location Mapping

  • » OneClick Portable MFD Capture Interface on a Tablet

Key Features

  • » FlowMatrix Mobile Apps Can Work with Wireless Scanners Such as the Canon P-208

  • » OneClick solution for Nuance eCopy Sharescan and also Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp and Xerox MFDs

  • » Integrated into Over 30 Mainstream Applications including SharePoint, Google Docs, One Drive, Drop Box, Salesforce

  • » Works in conjunction with FlowMatrix gDoc Binder