Universal Forms and Data Capture

Paper River FlowMatrix Universal Forms and Data Capture provides a unified mechanism for any organisation to define the data it wants to capture from a client or recipient then output that data into the best method, channel or media that a recipient would want or need to respond to it.

Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all model suits all customers and clients. There is no point sending a paper form to a company when they can more easily complete a web form by a different user in a completely different office to where the paper was sent. Similarly a high tech mobile consumer would much rather complete a mobile friendly form on a mobile device than try and complete a PDF from they can't even zoom into.

This category of document is often high value and high importance to the organisation. Despite being formatted as logically ordered documents, extracting the data from forms by traditional manual means is slow, expensive and error prone and even simple OCR loses much of the "meaning" of the data on the form. Data acquisition has to be designed with best technology methods that a consumer or client can interact with and includes data gathering examples include Account Opening Forms, Contracts, Direct Debit Mandates and Order Forms.


"...think outside of the data entry box and handle all your data capture requirements on one powerful, consistent and flexible technology platform."


A Single Solution for all Data Output

The FlowMatrix Universal Forms and Data Capture engine in combination with the FlowMatrix Output Gateway can interact with databases or CRM systems (such as Salesforce.com) and understand how a user or organisation would prefer to respond to an information request or application request. A FlowMatrix user can use client tools to easily define the data they want to gather and this can be proliferated through the FlowMatrix Output Gateway into a number of different channels, media or formats such as:

  • Web Forms
  • Mobile Device App Forms (Field Workers)
  • Mobile Device Friendly Web Forms (Consumers/Clients)
  • Traditional Paper Forms
  • Portable PDF Forms
  • Business to Business Electronic Data Interactions
  • Voice Based (such as SIRI) Voice Recognition Data Entry

A Single Solution for Data Re-Acquisition

The second stage for completing any data gathering exercise is the rapid, effective and simple capture of the data back into the organisation. Paper River completes the unified solution for assimilating the data back into the CRM system, account application process or whatever that end process might be. We are experts in document life-cycle management and provide global referencing in our FlowMatrix Output Gateway to easily recognise information when it is returned back into the organisation whether electronically or on paper (through our FlowMatrix Digital Mail Room or FlowMatrix Distributed Capture products)

  • Web Forms - all data can be validated and submitted in real-time
  • Mobile Device App Forms - field workers can upload via the FlowMatrix CloudBridge back to their Cloud CRM or on-premise LOB applications
  • Mobile Device Friendly Web Forms (Consumers/Clients) - simple real-time data checking and submission
  • Traditional Paper Forms - advanced OCR/ICR and Barcode recognition using logic algorithms and templates.
  • Portable PDF Forms - polled email with electronic data extraction.
  • Business to Business Electronic Data Interactions - electronic data input feeds
  • Voice Based Entry - voice entry and conversion using Nuance SIRI technology.

Rather than re-invent the wheel and duplicate the process for each communication channel and media that you need to support for receiving customer and third-party data, FlowMatrix supports capture from all practical sources and channels. FlowMatrix manages and transforms the data into a consistent and fully controlled electronic business process ensuring consistency across all the channels your organisation supports. The solution is quick to set up and configure and is fully adaptable to the specifics of the relevant business process.

FlowMatrix has an unparalleled workflow engine and eco-system of plugin connectors, which means the forms processing and data capture solutions integrate seamlessly into the systems where the captured data and/or document are required. The workflow engine provides full in-process exception handling capabilities and routing automation to enable full or partial business process automation.


Key Benefits

  • » Single solution to handle capture and processing from all channels and media

  • » Rapid configuration and low "total cost of ownership"

  • » Smart OCR algorithms provide automatic analysis of captured information

  • » Output Gateway supports rapid creation of web forms for public and private websites

  • » Integration with a wide range of cloud, CRM and legacy systems