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Paper River is able to provide expert guidance on business process automation and has provided help, advice and solutions to some of the most significant private and public sector organisations in the UK and abroad, as well as smaller SMB/SME businesses.

The biggest challenge facing any organisation is knowing how it can best utilise the resources it has to maximise its efficiency and minimise the time, effort and cost to complete any or many processes. By overcoming its inefficiencies any organisation can become more profitable or just simply better at communicating with and helping its clients or citizens.

In many organisation a process can span many departments and people, making it seemingly impossible for any one individual to know how to improve the way the organisation could work. Paper River is able to provide tailored packages to investigate, audit, report and provide unbiased recommendations on better ways to process information.

We understand information processing down to the very nuts and bolts of what a good process should be with expert understanding of the life cycle of a document or a piece of information.


" process automation is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs by integrating applications, restructuring labour resources and using intelligent software applications."


Process Transformation

Many organisations desperately want to improve their document processes and reap the corresponding savings and efficiencies, but don't know where to start or how to go about improving their processes.

Paper River offers a consultancy service to help companies, local authorities, housing associations and many other organisations achieve the following goals:

  1. Better understand the current document processes that exist in the organisation.
  2. Map out the key document processes and life-cycles from end to end.
  3. Help to quantify the costs associated with inefficient manual processes.
  4. Analyse the business drivers and value derived from the processes for the various stakeholders.
  5. Identify key opportunities for digitisation, automation and electronic workflow to accelerate the processes, improve accuracy and save costs.


Consultancy Packages

Paper River provides consultancy services in small, targeted packages with known deliverables. This keeps the costs down whilst providing concrete benefits.

The range of consultancy packages includes:

  • Paper-lite strategy workshops
  • Current process analysis and critique
  • Process review workshops
  • Digital mail room design
  • Requirements analysis for process transformation
  • Systems migration analysis
  • Bespoke systems integration solution design
  • Business process acceleration - design and implementation

How is the Consultancy Delivered?

After an initial discussion, our consultancy is supplied as fixed priced packages for a fixed number of days targeting a specific and agreed set of goals. The consultancy consists of gathering information about the documents that exist within the organisation and the current processes, along with interviews of relevant staff members resulting in a report document.

The first step is often to provide a questionnaire to be completed by the stakeholders and relevant functions within the business which helps to form an initial picture of the most significant documents and processes by value and by volume.

Many Organisations Are Not Fully Aware Of Their Current Processes

The next step is for one or more of our consultants to come on-site to interview representative staff involved both in handling the processing of the documents and also the people that work with the resulting documents or data.

In addition, we speak to speak to IT staff to gain an understanding of the systems environment and to speak to representatives from the business to understand how the processes need to evolve going forward.

Depending on the scope of the project this may then be followed up by subsequent visits to drill down deeper into particular areas of focus, which is often determined though on-going discussion with the project sponsors.

The outcome of the consultancy takes the form of report which summarizes the findings form the interviews and process mapping and analysis, and concludes with detailed recommendations for process improvement via digitisation, automation, and electronic workflow.

The technology element of the report is not tied to any specific providers' products (including our own) so that the document is useful to the organisation moving forward regardless of which software vendor might provide solution elements of any resulting projects.

The recommendations also include an element of "business process re-engineering" in addition to the technology-based recommendations and often help to simplify the process by removing unnecessary duplication, complexity, or ambiguity. Where possible we also attempt to demonstrate real and possible savings in cash or FTE terms.


Key Benefits

  • » Tailored Consultancy Packages

  • » Set Time Consultancy Packages

  • » Provided With Full Report Analysis

  • » Rebateable Against Solution Cost

  • » We Are Experts in:

    • » Back Scanning

    • » Business Process Automation

    • » Digital Mail Room

    • » Document Archiving

    • » Document Lifecycle

    • » Document Migration

    • » Invoice Processing