"...manage and control all your document processes and information streams with FlowMatrix Business Process Acceleration."

Make Your Processes Run Like Clockwork

How does your organisation currently monitor, manage and control the tasks occurring within the business processes? Do you know if an order has been sitting unprocessed for several days? Are you instantly aware when a business critical IT system has gone down? Are problems isolated so that other work can continue or does the whole system back up?

The FlowMatrix platform enables the implementation of automated and accelerated business process workflows – but in addition it also adds significant value in co-ordinating those workflows to run as smoothly as clockwork!

When implementing a business process on a technology platform it is important to think beyond the main flow of work through the system to how you are going to handle exceptions, monitor user and system productivity and tune performance. The FlowMatrix platform provides a powerful client application which dovetails with your workflows to provide users and teams with the tools they need to carry out any specific task or interaction within the workflow that cannot be automated. The client application also provides a powerful exception handling capability – if a document or case has missing data or doesn’t satisfy a specific business rule it can be automatically routed to a queue for exception handling by a specialist or supervisor. The FlowMatrix platform can track and automatically report to management on the productivity throughput rate of the system itself but also of the knowledge workers interacting with the workflows at key stages requiring human or specialist judgement, or exception handling.

Some work-streams, documents or processes are more urgent than others – the FlowMatrix platform can set processing priorities on different jobs, tasks or processes. The workflow engine ensures that priorities are respected when allocating server processing resource and when order work lists for knowledge workers to process. Specific non-urgent automated tasks which might place a strain on other systems can even be scheduled to run out of hours making use of what would otherwise be “down time” for those systems.


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